To deliver high-quality broadband access at affordable rates to businesses and residences in Northern Uganda.

About Zoom Wireless

Zoom Wireless is a commercial wireless Internet service provider (ISP) founded in 2014 offering high-speed Internet in and around Gulu, Lira, Mbale and Soroti. Locally owned, managed and based in Gulu, we understand the community, challenges and needs of northern Uganda. We plan to expand to additional towns in the coming months.

Zoom Wireless understands that organizations and businesses need fast, consistent Internet they can afford to operate effectively. Existing options are slow, expensive and unreliable. Mobile connections just don’t cut it. Businesses need dedicated bandwidth and more capacity for a seamless experience that drives productivity.

Fast Internet access increases access to resources, customers and business management tools – which makes for happy employees and satisfied customers. Zoom Wireless makes that possible at a price that is within reach. With Zoom Wireless your business can grow and thrive with fast access to customers online and to cloud-based services like Microsoft Office 365, Facebook, Quickbooks Online, Skype and YouTube.

Zoom Wireless has technical expertise, an understanding of local needs, and a commitment to excellence that will change the way people think about Internet access. Our networks are backed by fiber and managed by a technical team with years of experience installing and supporting wireless networks.

Everyone should have access to the bandwidth and tools they want, for work and for play. That includes you. That speed exists now and will be fast on the day you sign up and every day after. More on what we offer is available here.

Our Team

With decades of experience in northern Uganda, the Zoom Wireless team has the expertise and understanding to ensure our networks are fast and reliable. We deliver a high-speed connection at an affordable price that will be fast today, tomorrow and in the future. That network is backed by our skilled technical support team – delivering dependable service you can trust.

Zoom Wireless is a product of SINFA Uganda Ltd, established in 2013 by the Oxfam-led Internet Now! project with funding received from the Dutch National Postcode Lottery’s Dream Fund. SINFA Uganda Ltd provides commercial services that address the needs of the local communities in northern Uganda.

Zoom Wireless is designed and delivered with Volo, a business enabling ISPs deliver radically high-speed, low-cost broadband to emerging markets around the world.

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